Vermont Farm #1

Vermont Farm #1


"Here there is a stillness. A Vermont kind of tranquility. Where adventures tend to be small ones, and nature's expressions are of the subtle variety. Here we marvel at fireflies. At how our fingers can meander trough stream pebbles, revealing the glint of antique bottle glass, or a pottery shard, or the tip of an old iron tool. Here we swing thoughtfully below the century oak...and remember our forebears. In a place where water just gurgles and the horizon evades easy demarcation, it is easy to reflect on our place, and on the gifts we have been allowed to share."

Pastel on sanded paper
11"w x 9.5"h image

Original NFS: In artist's private collection

Prints: Fine art giclee reproductions available in limited edition of 50. Inquire for sizes, prices, and framing options.


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