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I'm a pastelist with a passion for creating images that feed ecological awareness and
encourage us to approach our surroundings with a lighter hand. Landscapes help me explore
the range of both my medium and the stories that our land tells us...
   if we only stop to look, and listen.

Click below to browse my galleries, see what's new, or start with a few 'snapshots'.
Works are available as originals, and in many cases as limited edition giclée prints.
I hope the work resonates with you.

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My work is grouped into 3 galleries. Explore...

Low Light at Burnt Coat Harbor.Swan's Island.1095x1095.jpg

Coast & Islands

New Vista on the Greenbelt.Essex.1110x1095.72c copy 2.jpg


Late Light on the Farmstand.1095x1095.300c.jpg

The Interior


Or start with the newest work...


Or browse a selection of snapshots...