Artist Bio/ a bit about the artist

Larry Grob is a New England based artist who works both in-studio and en plein air. His coastal and interior views—favorite locales include Cape Ann and the North Shore, the Maine seaside and islands, and the hills and farms of southern Vermont—are representational in style, with tendencies towards abstraction in his compositions. 

Informed by his early training as a geographer, and inspired by the naturalistic painting of California’s impressionists and various Swiss alpine painters, Larry strives to capture light and the forces of nature in views that he hopes will elicit viewers’ connections with the land. “I’m a pastelist with a passion for creating images that fuel ecological awareness and encourage us to approach our surroundings with a lighter hand”, says Larry. “Landscapes help me explore both the range of my medium and the stories that our land tells us…if we only stop to look and listen.”

Larry works primarily with soft pastels, painting on various sanded papers that impart ‘incidental’ tones and textures to the finished work. He describes pastels as an ideal medium...“immediate, direct, and easy to move around with in whatever outdoor place I find myself. Perhaps above all," Larry adds, "pastels let me explore that area between too much detail and just enough.”

Larry’s work has earned him recognition from the Pastel Society of America, the International Association of Pastel Societies, and various professional arts associations. In the New England area, Larry participates in exhibitions at the Codman Estate Fine Art Festival (Lincoln, MA), Art in the Barn (Essex, MA), the North Shore Arts Association (Gloucester), the Concord Art Association, and Crane Estate Art Show (Ipswich). Work is also on view at the Eventide Gallery in Essex, and in Florentine Frames Gallery in Weston, MA.

Larry offers work for sale as pastel originals and as limited edition giclée prints, and he teaches workshops in studio and plein air pastels. He is thrilled to be able to share his work with you.

A plein air outing on Mohegan. 

A plein air outing on Mohegan.